My  name is Dilorom Rasuleva. I am a very happy woman! Happy mother and happy wife! Throughout my life I have met very nice peopleI have a few friends,not too much,  but I can trust them! I appreciate it very much.

Here I finally retired. Now I have time to do what I love. I have always had so many ideas for crafts, but I had to work in a serious business, ( which I  liked and  know how to do it) ,to raise children, to give them a good education. The husband was in the military and we had to move often. We have grown sons, they are successful, married and happy now , and it’s time to put my dreams into reality !!! God gave me the ability to do many things. I am well knit, sew dresses, can do different crafts, really love to do the design for jewelry, remodel the old fashion jewelry to a new design, many kinds of jewelry I love to make from leather. Very fond of created from the old stuff to something new. Like from trash to treasure! Even at my 67 years I learned to ride when we move to US. Now it is time to share with all of you! Thank you!.

(If there are errors in the English language, I’d be happy if you specify the correct spelling, I’m not a native English speaker)